Laser Assisted Dental Treatment


Advanced Care with Cutting Edge Dental Technology

By integrating advanced laser technology into our practice, we can provide treatments that are not only more efficient but also less invasive, promoting faster healing and reducing discomfort for our patients.

About The Procedure

A Minimally Invasive Approach to Dentistry

Our laser technology allows for a range of dental treatments, from cavity preparation and gum surgery to whitening and bacterial reduction during root canals. The precision of laser dentistry minimizes damage to surrounding tissues, preserves more of your natural tooth structure, and reduces bleeding and swelling. This approach results in a more comfortable experience during and after your procedure, with many treatments requiring little to no anesthesia.

Faster Recovery, Superior Results

Laser dentistry not only improves the patient experience by minimizing pain and recovery time but also enhances clinical outcomes. The high-energy light beam sterilizes the affected areas, reducing the risk of infection and encouraging quicker healing. Whether we’re treating gum disease, reshaping gums to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile, or performing complex root canals, laser technology ensures optimal results.

Embrace the future of dental care with Laser Assisted Dental Treatments at Rutledge Dental. Experience less discomfort, quicker recovery, and superior results with our advanced laser technology.

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