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Our Key To Success: Leveraging the Latest Digital Technology in service of your dental health

We are proud to offer our patients with the very best in dental care through the use of cutting-edge technology. Our state-of-the-art digital tools allow us to enhance accuracy, improve comfort, and reduce treatment times, ensuring a seamless and superior dental experience.

Welcome to the future of digital-aided dentistry:

iTero Element™ 2 Intraoral Scanner

We’re excited to share a major technological advancement in dental care: Introducing the iTero Element™ 2 Intraoral Scanner. This cutting-edge device is set to transform your dentist visits by making them faster, more precise, and more enjoyable in general. Here’s how:

From the moment you step into our office at Accent Dental Group – Pearland Implant Center, you’ll notice the difference. Our commitment to incorporating the latest in dental technology ensures that your visit will be as efficient as it is effective, with results that speak for themselves.

Experience the difference for yourself. Contact us today to see how our iTero Element™ 2 Intraoral Scanner can make your next dental visit smoother, quicker, and more precise than you ever imagined possible.

Discover Unmatched Dental Care:

SprintRay Pro S - Dental 3D Printing

The SprintRay Pro S will radically change your impressions on just how fast, convenient, and easy a dental visit can be. With its comprehensive 3D printing technology, it opens a wide range of custom dental solutions delivered within an hour of your appointment. Here’s how we leverage its benefits:

Cutting Edge Technology Meets Compassionate Care

Our digital and 3D printing capabilities allow us to quickly scan, design, and print a wide array of dental appliances, ensuring a perfect fit and rapid turnaround. With the iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner and our SprintRay Pro S 3D printer, we’ve obviated the need for dental impressions made with older technology. This means no more discomfort and long waits to receive your dental appliances.

Looking To the Future of Dental Care:

Our dedication to innovation, precision, and patient satisfaction inspires us to deliver an unmatched dental care experience. The integration of the SprintRay Pro S’s state-of-the-art 3D printing technology not only streamlines our services but also guarantees superior outcomes for our patients.

A revolution in dental crown creation:™

We are excited to present the innovative™ In-Office Solution, transforming the process of crafting dental crowns with an emphasis on your comfort and convenience. Forget about the lengthy waits and multiple appointments for your dental crowns. With our advanced technology, we’re delivering the future of dental care right now.

Same-Day Bruxzir® NOW Crowns: Impossible? Think Again.

The same-visit BruxZir® NOW crowns are crafted with precision to match your natural teeth, ensuring a flawless fit and a beautiful smile.

The scanning technology processes made by possible by™ allow us to generate your dental scans 25% faster, drastically cutting down your wait time. Our system is designed to ensure that we can focus on what matters most: Giving your dental needs the care and attention they deserve.

AI-Assisted Protection For Innovative Design

Glidewell’s CrownAI™ and MarginAI™ technology greatly streamlines the crown design process. With just one click, we can generate a custom crown design specifically for you. From there, we just need your assessment and approval to confirm the perfect fit. 

We know that every smile is unique. That’s why we’re proud to utilize AI-assisted technology to ensure that your new crown is a perfect match for your natural teeth, all with minimal discomfort and wait times.

We invite you to experience the future of dental care? Contact us today to learn more about how our same-visit BruxZir® NOW crowns can enhance your dental health and keep your smile shining bright.

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